Bloggers United Project

Bloggers United Project is a project created by divinna Ansar.
It consist in a colaboration between 2 bloggers.
Every week other blogger and me will make a post with a specific topic.
We will use the same topic in our blog, but we will include only the credits that we are wearing in the picture.
Under the credits we will add the link for the look of the other blogger, in that way the readers can see the look of the other person.
This is a way for promote both blogs with something different.
 If you want participate you can comment on this site or send me a notecard in World.
Every week there will be a different person working in the project, the person will be contacted by me in World.

If you need aditional information please contact divinna Ansar via notecard inWorld.

Bloggers who have participated already:
Annie Galicia
Adriana Bombastic
Bimba Junibalya
Janire Coba

This page was created on 4-September-2012

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  1. I would like to participate too! It's a great idea you had!