Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One Hundred & Eight

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Hair: .:{Rumina}:. Alicia 2 (By: Malia Actor)
Earrings: A&Ana Fashion Emna Blue Earrings (By: Anastazja Brimm) 
Necklace I: {{BSD Design studio}} J'adore necklace@ SLFW (By: Babychampagne Sass)
Necklace II: ::LEO-NT:: My big Bubble Necklace LONG -gold- (By: Lady Leonard)
Bodysuit: ::LC:: Harnessed Bodysuit [Aqua] (By: Piinky Chrome)
Leggings: .:villena:. - leggings [XS] gradient 2 (By: Villena Swansen)
Bracelets set: [7891.] Volup Bangles - Gold (By: L3ighL33 resident)
Bag: PP- Jakie Studded Mesh Handbag- Teal (By: Shaleene Kenin)
Bracelet: ::Sweet Leonard: Big Bubble Bracelet Set [GIFT] (By: Lady Leonard)
Shoes: PP - JG Spikes - Mesh Pumps- Nude (By: Shaleene Kenin)
Pose: Label Motion (By: Anne Dakun)

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